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June 29, 2014

Dr. John Nasedkin will be awarded the Canadian Academy of General Dentistry of the year for his efforts

in helping develop the BC Academy of General Dentistry (BC AGD).

The BC AGD will be awarding this honor at a future event yet to be determined.

Dr. Nasedkin was asked to provide a quote that can be used along with a picture of a past CE program.

The following is an excerpt of Dr. Nasedkin’s submission, along with a photograph from 1973, when he

was at the height of his involvement with the CE program, as well as contributing significantly to the

dental and the general community.

Letter to Dr. Matthew Illes

Dear Matt,

In July you asked about my involvement with the AGD of BC. Below are extracts from my C.V. in relation

to this:

Academy of General Dentistry of BC

• Founding President 1973/74

• Executive Member 1974-76

Academy of General Dentistry of North America

• Regional Vice President (Western Canada) 1973-76

• Membership Committee 1973

• Reference Committees – Dental care and legislation communications

• 1975 Annual Meetings

Fellowship – Academy of General Dentistry June 1977

This all came about as I had been spending a lot of time in continuing education programs in the United

States. One began to seek some kind of recognition for the effort and the AGD was involve in making

this possible.

In addition, many of the dentists in the Greater Vancouver area were graduates of the University of

Oregon, in which state the AGD had really arisen. I had come to know Bill Howard, a wonderful guy who

was the AGD Journal Editor at the time and a great proponent of the movement. Mike Blanko was an

Oregon graduate and he and I and Ken Neuman decided to do something about organizing in Vancouver

and BC.

We invited Danny Haselnus, a Portland dentist and CE teacher to give an evening talk at the Vancouver

Lawn and Tennis Club to get the group started. This successful program led to an executive and we

began to present the occasional course and to organize for recognition. Somewhere in my memorabilia

is a photograph from this event or around that time which I will digitize and send to you when it shows


Ken became the Regional Director for AGD and I was the Regional Vice-President. As I recall the

Director did the regular activities and the Vice-President was more parliamentary at the time. I now

that I wanted to continue to move the idea along as I had by then many more and developing dental

organizational involvements.

Ken and I got our Fellowships in Montreal with our friend Emo Rajczak, who had been CARD President in

1974. Emo continues to practice and was the AGD of Ontario Occlusion presenter for their Mastership

Classes a couple of years ago.

It is very pleasant to reflect on that time when dentistry was growing in stature, and expanding as a

health service. Those of us who have been involved are proud of the Academy and the contribution it

has made to the advancement of our profession.


John Nasedkin


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