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Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

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by Magie N on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

I was referred to the Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre by my family dentist in April of 2014. At the time, I was suffering from serious jaw pain which started approximately a year prior to my first appointment. The jaw pain was accompanied by joint popping and clicking sounds, frequent headaches, migraines and difficulty in opening my mouth widely.

Upon waking my jaw was very stiff and in considerable amount of pain. Although the stiffness would subside within two to three hours of waking, pain and discomfort persisted throughout the day. My food choices were limited to liquids, soups and purred food. I was not able to open my mouth wide enough to take a bite of an apple or a sandwich which caused me a great deal of anxiety

I was very skeptical when my family doctor initially referred me to the Occlusal Rehabilitation Centreocl for an assessment. However, I decided to give it a chance as my condition was getting progressively worse.

Upon meeting Dr. Tejani and Dr. Nasedkin, I felt immediately at ease. I was very impressed with their level of care, extensive experience and personal attention. Following a very thorough assessment, I was provided with a detailed report outlining the nature of the problem and recommendations for future treatment.

Dr. Tejani and Dr. Nasedkin recommended a jaw repositioning appliance [please insert proper name] to be worn all day and throughout the night. I agreed to go ahead with the appliance despite some initial resistance. I was very worried about my ability to speak with the appliance and my lower jaw getting moved forward too far.

My worries quickly subsided as I started wearing the appliance. I began feeling relief upon waking within the first two weeks. The pain, stiffness and headaches subsided within about four to six weeks of treatment. I started eating solid food shortly after and haven’t had any issues eating since. I got used to speaking with the appliance fairly quickly.

My condition continued improving as time went on. I saw Dr. Tejani and Dr. Nasedkin on a regular basis once every four to six weeks over the course of 10 months. The office assistant was always very accommodating when it came to rescheduling appointments due to a busy work schedule. All follow up examinations were very thorough and Dr. Tejani and Dr. Nasekdin were quick to identify any issues with the appliance and to make the necessary adjustments.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Dr. Tejani and Dr. Nasekdin over the course of the past year. I look forward to my next follow up appointment and continuing on with my treatment.

Magie N

June 2015

by Brenda N. on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

When I was eight years old my parents had me visit a “masseuse” because I was having trouble with my jaw. A good part of my life I have had treatments, appliances, physiotherapy and seen more than a few specialists. I did get some relief.

Recently I started having problem with intermittent wakefulness during the night. I did not connect it with my jaw problem. Since Dr. Tejani fitted me with a night guard I am now sleeping much better. Even during the day most of the discomfort in my jaw is gone.

I am thankful to Dr. Tejani (and Fani, his assistant) for the professional and efficient treatment I received. The word ‘proficient’ comes to mind.

They made me feel comfortable and well taken care of and am very pleased that my dentist recommended Dr. Tejani

Brenda N,

May 6th, 2015

by Christina S. on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

“I don’t even know where to start, All I can say is that Dr. Tejani and Dr. Nasedkin are true masters at their job and I am and forever will be grateful with their time spent with me. Suffering from chronic TMJ, I was at a point where I couldn’t open my mouth to chew properly. The pain was excruciating and the right side of my face would puff out. Thinking it was only TMJ I was referred to the Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre where this dynamic duo not only reconstructed a bite issue but took the cautionary measures and a personal treatment plan for my degenerated jaw. Because

I’m a major grinder and literally ground the enamel from my bottom teeth, everything was out of whack and the mental stress I was giving myself wasn’t helping either. Not only did they consistently monitor and treat my issues, they ALWAYS conversed over the pros and cons before ever acting on a procedure.

My best interest came first and preventative measures were always considered if I wasn’t comfortable going ahead with something. I learned that my former dentist didn’t offer any sort of insight as to what the problem was and only offered procedures that would mask the major issue. I was blessed to have discovered these two and will fully continue to see them for treatment as well as continue the next steps for dental with them. I am really thankful and grateful from the bottom of my heart for the entire team in accommodating me in every way possible. So many physical and emotional elements cater to the main issue and these two really put things in perspective and taught me to “chill out”. Not only are they warm and friendly, they have a bit of a banter going on that really makes it enjoyable to witness. It’s nice to know they obviously love when they do. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Christina S.

April 2014

by Jim Quail on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

My dentist referred me to Drs. Nasedkin and Tejani to deal with the cumulative effect of some ill-advised orthodontic work performed on my mouth decades ago, and many years of grinding and wear. They did a spectacular job of reconstructing my bite. I am very impressed with their skill and perfectionism. I recommend them without hesitation.

by Tonello-Greenfield on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

Occlusal Rehab.Centre offers the highest level of integrated whole body patient care. Driven by progressive discovery ,purpose ,integrity and compassion in patient care Occlusal Rehab. Centre holds to the golden seal of standards.

Consistently expanding their knowledge base, talents and skills, DR. A. Tejani and DR. J. Nasedkin display the mark of purposeful intent and an inner commitment to excellence.

It has been said that “if you listen to the patient, they are telling of the diagnosis “. Dr. A. Tejani and DR. J. Nasedkin never remove themselves from the patients story. They encourage open participation as a crucial and active component both in diagnosis and treatment . Open ended questions maximize the ability to hear and be heard while providing sensitivity and sensibility. The total package. In a team environment they focus on triality versus duality cognition. They add the colour to black and white thinking and “reframe” what was previously “framed” with possibilities and a depth of psychological insight.

After four years ,multiple Doctors treating various injuries from an accident I was still unable to speak or eat properly. Persistence, determination or desperation ,call it what you will ,I made one last attempt at finding answers and solution. Then a door opened, I found Occulsal Rehab. Centre . From the moment I first stepped into the offices I knew I was in good hands . The missing links now became clear. What was thought impossible by some has become the possible with DR. Tejani and DR. Nasedkin.

As DR. Francis Weld Peabody once said in a lecture of

Sandy Tonello-Greenfield

1925 . ” the secret of the care of the patient is caring for the patient “. And this echo’s in the heart of Occlusal Rehab. Centre.

I am truly grateful for the dedication of both DR. Tejani and DR. Nasedkin in their service in the highest sense.

by Sandy Tonello on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

I am so very grateful to Dr. Tejani and DR. Nasedkin .A four year journey of multiple injuries with 17 Doctors 4 therapists . Each step of symptoms gave way to search satisfaction in treating that aspect, but; still the condition worsened .Patients communicating their symptoms is key in guiding their Doctors thinking or so it would seem. Where others tired Dr. Tejani and DR. Nasedkin started from the beginning, essentially knowing that if you listen to the patient , they are giving the clues as to the diagnosis. Dr. Tejani and Nasedkin do not remove themselves from the patients story .They encourage participation as crucial in diagnosis and treatment. Open ended questions maximize the ability to hear and be heard while providing sensitivity and sensibility towards the patient.They also recognize that previous information can at times improperly “frame” assumed diagnosis and they start fresh to’ reframe” if error occurred in previous thinking , diagnosis or treatment . Careful attention to detail;, intellect and skill aligned with psychological insight drives their practice with whole body in mind. As Dr. Francis Weld Peabody of Harvard Medical School in 1925 once said in a lecture ” the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient “, the echo’s in the heart and minds of Dr. Tejani and Nasedkin’s collaboration and practice.Their pursuit of the Highest Standard of Care is evident . I have been so blessed to have found them and am forever grateful . Where others had given up I now know my own purpose has itself refused to be silenced . Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

by Dr. Brent Douglas BSc, DMD, MSc (Ortho),FRCD(C) Certified Specialist in Orthodontics on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

I have had the pleasure of collaborating treatment plans with Dr. Tejani and Dr. Nasedkin to aid in the care of their patients for the past several years. It is remarkable to see the transformation of the patient comfort level through the care received by these detail driven, meticulous, functional occlusion specialists. They are very respectful of the patients needs, through an educational approach gaining trust and insight into the complexity of the functional occlusion. I continue to recommend these skilled professionals without hesitation.

by Dr. Robert Myers on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

Dr. Nasedkin, you saved a life.

Saw a patient, V.W., yesterday. You saw her Aug 2010. She looked amazing. She is off the anti-depressants and Ativan. She thanked me for saving her life because she was in so much pain from her joints and life as it was at the time that she was considering suicide. She now wears the anterior repositioning splint only at night and has re-trained her jaw position during the day. I let her know who really saved her life.

by Peter S. on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

I am so pleased that the path of Drs Tejani and Nasedkin of the Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre crossed mine. My bite was thrown off a couple of years ago and attempts to correct it through normal techniques by a number of dentists simply didn’t work. I found myself thinking that this was yet another unpleasant part of the normal ageing process and I was resigned to live the rest of my life aware of every jaw movement and knowing it was not right. Fortunately I insisted on being referred to ‘an expert in the field’ and that is how I ended up at the Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre. Aided by computer sensing technology which thoroughly analysed my bite and isolated which teeth were contributing to the discomfort, Drs Tejani and Nasedkin worked their magic. A few months later after being provided by some canine risers and bite-equilibration my issues have been solved. I am so please that this has not been part of the normal ageing process and was simply a solvable problem by the right experts.

If you have discomfort with your bite don’t give up. Get a referral to the Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre.

by Christine B. on Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre

Dr. Nasedkin and Dr.Tejani combined experience created a treatment plan that my regular dentist was not able to provide. I appreciated the extra time the doctors spent reviewing my case to ensure the best possible treatment and the thorough explanations they provided in terms that I could understand. The quality treatment the doctors provided gave me relief from pain and resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of visits to my regular dentist.

When I had a urgent concern ORC was very accommodating and ensured I saw one of the doctors the same day. The ORC staff are friendly and helpful and I highly recommend ORC to anyone in need of their specialized care.

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