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Welcome Bite TMJ, Head & Neck Pain Management

The Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre (ORC) is a unique and specialized therapeutic, medical and dental environment. We are the leading diagnostic and treatment centre for TMJ, bite, jaw, head & neck pain, and cranio-facial structural problem management. Our doctors specialize in individualized patient care consulting dental opinions and explaining complex treatment planning.

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Your Symptoms

Your Symptoms

Do you suffer from tired muscles, jaw joint or “TMJ” pain, clicking and popping jaw joints, head, neck, or facial pain, an unstable bite, ringing in your ears, dizziness, forward head posturing, snoring, disrupted sleep or difficulty breathing in your sleep? You do not have to live with this anymore!

Are you an athlete who wants to enhance your performance? We can help!

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The Services

The Science

With the increased proliferation of computer-based medical research technology, especially in the fields of diagnosis and pain-management, recent developments have allowed both dental and medical professionals to apply these technologies in a range of new and innovative ways.

The Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre uses a variety of high-tech equipment, including non-invasive joint vibration analysis, computerised bite analysis, 3D functional jaw tracking, low-level laser therapy, and specialised bite repositioning appliances.

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

The Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre brings together the collective experience of Dr. John Nasedkin and Dr. Abbas Tejani with the leading medical-dental technologies to create personalised treatment plans and address these conditions, all in a professional and cutting-edge clinic where you can begin to stabilize and heal.

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