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I’ve been having problems for years. Why has my general dentist or family doctor never told me about TMJ?

The majority of dental providers are not trained in neuromuscular diagnosis and treatment or the science behind TMJ disorders. While the causes may include tooth grinding, physical injury, or genetic defects, only specially trained neuromuscular dentists like Dr. Nasedkin and Dr. Tejani are taught to recognize these kind of bite problems.

Also, because neck pain, migraine headaches, and tooth problems can be rooted in a number of other causes, general dentists and family doctors may ignore the possibility that TMJ is the culprit. In other instances, dentists or doctors may recognize a bite problem, but are at a loss for how to find its cause or to treat it.

The development of impressive diagnostic technology has helped neuromuscular dentistry become less of a mystery to family practitioners and clinics like the Occlusal Rehabilitation Centre are here to help you.

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