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Occlusion and Function

Occlusion is the key to most aspects of successful restorative, implant and esthetic dentistry. The long-term function of both adhesive and cemented restorations depends on chewing and para-functional forces that do not overcome bonds and material strengths. Concepts of joint-based occlusion for incorporation into routine clinical and diagnostic practice will be highlighted in this one-day program.

Course Topics:

  • Occlusion/tm joint screening leading to treatment dierentiation.
  • TM Joint clicking – a joint-based determination of which patients to treat and how.
  • Identify the critical canine and anterior guidance patterns which support bonded porcelain and decrease muscle tension.
  • Outline a sequence for restoring canine guidance and an occlusal adjustment technique for developing an optimal chewing system engram.
  • Bite raising determinations and techniques.
  • How occlusion complements smile design and delivery.
  • Fixed-removable combination cases: fixed crowns in combination with attachmentretained partial dentures as the reliable alternative to the implant prosthesis and the clasped partial denture.

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